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Wedding Bells - Houston
Assuring that your ceremony is
"Nothing Less Than Extraordinary!"
This is a very basic ceremony lasting only several minutes.  

Traditional: *
This ceremony may be custom designed with scripture or poetic readings, your own vows, ring vows or any special touch
that you may want to include.

Inter-faith: *
This ceremony may also be custom designed to unite couples of different faiths and beliefs by creating and implementing
beautiful readings and vows that remain romantic and spiritual without referring to any specific belief or religion.

Religious: *
This ceremony will reflect religious overtones with scripture, prayer and spiritual readings. Your own wedding vows may
be written into this ceremony as well.

Non-Religious: *
This ceremony will not make reference to religion or religious beliefs, yet this ceremony will reflect your dedicated love,
honor, and commitment to each other.  
Custom vows and content may also be written into this ceremony.

Renewal of Vows: *
This ceremony is designed to re-affirm the promises and commitments made to each other in wedding vows.  
This is a beautiful ceremony when celebrating a milestone anniversary.

Custom Ceremonies:
Custom crafted ceremonies are available also, using parts of traditional, spiritual or your own words.

The above ceremonies may be officiated as follows:

May be officiated in our home with your choice of ceremony.  
(36 hour prior notice is necessary, please)

Small Weddings: *
May also be officiated in our home with your choice of ceremony and a limited number of guests.
Limited reception space available.  Contact us for details. Small weddings at your choice of location will be considered
"On Site".

On Site Weddings: *
Will be officiated at the location of your choice.      

These ceremonies may also be adjusted to accommodate and include children when combining families.
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