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Rev's. James or Mary Hensley
Wedding Bells, Houston
Houston, Texas 77064

Persons named on the specified Wedding Bells - Houston "Information Form"

Service to be provided:
To collaborate with the signed parties in formulating a desired ceremony. Conduct marriage ceremony and filing marriage
license with proper county clerk's office.

Ceremony Date:
As specified on the Wedding Bells - Houston "Information Form"

Ceremony Time:
As specified on the Wedding Bells - Houston "Information Form"

Address specified on the Wedding Bells - Houston "Information Form"

As agreed upon between Bride, Groom and Rev. Hensley

A non-refundable deposit of
$100.00 is due upon booking your ceremony. Date will be reserved only upon receipt of deposit.
Cash, Check, Cashier's Check or U. S. Postal Money Orders and most Major Credit cards are accepted.  
Paypal is my credit card processor
It is not necessary to pay with a Paypal card.  A 5% fee  will be added to your balance to pay via credit card.

If a rehearsal is included in your package price,  the rehearsal Absolutely Must be scheduled within 2 weeks of your deposit
being received.  If this has not been done within 2 weeks of receiving your deposit, another event may be scheduled on the
date that you would want for a rehearsal.   I cannot keep a rehearsal date open for more than 2 weeks without confirmation.  If
you reschedule a rehearsal date or time there will be a
$50.00 fee.( Based on Availibility).

If you find that you must postpone your wedding ceremony and rehearsal there will be a $100.00 rescheduling fee,
(Based on Availibility)

Payment Terms:
Payment for the Contract Balance is due prior to rehearsal ceremony start time.
Contract balance may be paid by check, provided payment is received within (14) days prior to rehearsal ceremony date.
s made 14 or fewer days prior to rehearsal ceremony must be paid in cash.

Refund / Cancellation Policy:
If your wedding ceremony is cancelled within 60 days prior to the rehearsal / ceremony date, the balance remainder will not
be charged. If cancellation is within 60 days of the scheduled ceremony date FULL BALANCE IS DUE and non-refundable.
(This reservation was made and held exclusively for you).  In the event that the Officiant does not perform the ceremony as
contracted without providing a substitute Officiant, all monies paid (including deposit) will be refunded.
If unforeseen circumstances should prevent the scheduled Officiant from performing the ceremony as planned due to severe
illness, hospitalization, auto accident / auto breakdown or cause for non-arrival on the scheduled day of the ceremony,
Wedding Bells, Houston will make every attempt to substitute an officiant capable of performing your ceremony in the same
capacity as contracted.  Under any circumstances, Wedding Bells, Houston,  Rev. James Hensley,  the Officiant or their
assigns / agents shall not be held liable for any damages or compensation due to non-performance of function or ceremony
due to such incapacitation, omissions, errors, late or non-arrival of any type.

Ceremony Changes:
Ceremony changes to the (script) may not be made within 48 hours of the ceremony date.

Late Charges:
A late fee of $50.00 will be charged for the first 1/2 hour past the scheduled ceremony start time and an additional $25.00 for
every 1/4 hour past that
.  Wedding must begin on time!

In the event that this ceremony is delayed due to issues beyond control of the Officiant,  signees agree that the ceremony
may be edited and compressed for time, unless the Officiant's schedule permits and is at the sole discretion of the Officiant.

Acceptance of Terms:
Upon selecting "SUBMIT", on the "CONTACT US" page, the parties listed in the "Information Form",  do indeed agree to the
terms and conditions as specified above.

Wedding Bells, Houston
Rev's. James and Mary Hensley             
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